24 June 2010

Little Zebra

SamSam had Face-Painting in School this morning and he chose to be a Zebra! This is most fitting cos he had a Zebra set of clothes and his teachers loved it. He was so proud of his Zebra face and kept laughing at himself in the mirror. It took alot of effort to persuade him to let us clean off the paint afterwards.

23 June 2010

Singapore Science Centre

Our Initial plan was to go for Samuel's massage and then the zoo but things don't always turn out the way we want. It took quite a while for me to decide what to do when he is done with school. I decided to go to the Singapore Science Centre and boy, before even entering, I was sold and signed up for Individual Membership. Hey, it's only $28 the whole year and it's free for kids below 3. It's great for rainy days (when I don't know what to do with him) and nice educational outing. Highly recommended. Not to mention there are plenty of shows, cafes, Macdonald's...lots to do there, really.

We watched the Beavers 2D movie at the Omni Theatre...NICE! The Science Centre is really so big and full of interesting exhibits that we only managed to go thru' only 40% of it (3 hrs).

Interesting animals including Exotic breeds. He loves this Big Bird!

Arctic Education: Polar bear & ball pool
Samuel learned about skeletons but he found it rather strange and can't relate it to a man.
Learning about Virus-all sorts including Mouth
SARS Bus which Samuel loved! He kept running in and out-sitting on the seat etc...
Sounds: Using sticks to make sounds on pots & pans, xylophone and cymbals...
Really a great excuse to include some Playhouses...they really know how to attract kids.
I can't remember what this was - possibly some kinetic energy thingy.
Low-ceiling Hamster & Mice room. Very cute.
Sound pipes: Samuel kept saying 'Hello'!
More fun with 'sounds' using a shoe sole to tap on the pipes.
Water Works: I didn't expect a water playground there so had to buy a new t-shirt to change him afterwards.
Learning how to 'Save Water'...xx litres washing dishes, xx litres for washing machine/washing car etc.
Finally, headed to Jurong Country Club for French Fries - a treat which I promised him if he will leave Water Works.
The green is tempting for running but now he's aware that he can't else Mommy will get scolded!

14 June 2010

Art Garden, Resorts World & Universal Studios

Art Garden @ Singapore Art Museum

We had a full day today! We re-visited the Art Garden again (we went last Friday) as it was so creative and different. The most notable pic is the collage of sketches below. It's amazing how artists use lots of technology, infra-red and creative lighting to make interactive art. The art pieces not only speak a message (whether it's global warming, save the earth, love the forests etc), they reach out to your soul in a deep way. It ensures that you will not forget the visual and the theme. Samuel remembered 'Don't chop the trees', 'Water the plants', 'Feed the Fish' messages...so cool.

We headed to Resorts World to check out the possibilty of going Universal Studios. Wow! It was indeed a different scene there. We did not feel like we're in Singapore! There were more tourists than locals there and the buzz is indeed 'happening'. They made great 'shelters' and mist fans everywhere-we did not even perspire. We did not manage to get into Universal Studios as tickets were sold out by 1pm. Muz be the Tour groups. Duh.
Lunch @ Hard Rock Cafe: HRC just opened not long ago and so its set Lunches were going for a fantastic $12.50 (soup or salad, main course, Haagen Dazs ice-cream & Soft Drink). All was fine till we sat down. The service staff really sucks! The local boys must have been drunk with World Cup as I waited forever to have someone take my order and needed lots of chasing for kids' utensils, water and finally, Samuel was eating & playing with ketchup as he was bored & hungry waiting for the food! *faint*
When the food came, everything's fine...the Fish N' Chips are pretty good. Samuel's favourite Haagen Dazs Ice-cream entertained him well and made everything not-nice forgettable. The interior decor is typical HRC, nice upbeat music and MTV...
Glimpse of the Universal Studios from the gate: It's really happening! Considering saving a few thousand $ flying to Tokyo or US, spending $66 is worth it. I'm considering buying the Annual Pass for $318 as it means a regular superfun haunt to go. Honestly, the atmosphere is fantastic! I really felt like I was in the Tokyo Disneyland which we went many years ago or the Gold Coast. It makes me feel so proud to be a Singaporean. We hung out at the hotels and high-end shopping malls...no $ for Chopard, Versace or LV, we belong to the beach.

08 June 2010

A Bluff

It wasn't meant to be...I mean, the wind. It came and went all too soon. It appeared to be promising so I rigged up quickly, rushed out only to be bobbing around the big blue sea. Couple other guys also tried their luck.
Samuel was really cute today. He tried very hard to stop me from working. He kept saying 'Mommy, stop work' and pulled me to lie down with him on Barney mattress, cuddle and play with him. With the list of emails I've yet to reply to, it was a struggle to make time to focus on my baby. It proved to be the most fruitful thing I've done today-with his big smiles and laughter filling the quiet shop. Nothing...beats being a Mommy!

24 March 2007

Rusty's Diary: Thurs, Friday and Sat (22- 24 Mar '07)

Thursday: I am so happy to be going to the beach again. I can smell the sea from far away. Today we found a big stick and we played 'fetch' in the sea. I was so full of energy today, I jumped, hopped, sprinted and swam. Rachel threw the stick far away and I would swim to retrieve it. I never get tired of it so we did it again and again...I spent the rest of the day sleeping in the shop. Thank God it's Friday...Double Happiness: Beach + BBQ. I can smell the BBQ pit nursing its fire and the raw food nearby. Rachel motioned me to go to the beach and I knew fun is in the air. I leaped into the sea with great gusto, with the BBQ at the back of my head. I went crazy...I ran and sprang!! Woohooo...we played lots of 'Fetch' and after 15mins, I had to go for my shower. I love the towelling down best...I love to be hugged and rubbed!! hehe. My nose led me to the BBQ pit again...and my patience was rewarded when the food was cooked...I had my share of steak, lamb and dunno-what. Did I say it was a great sumptuous afternoon? After all was done, Rachel went back to the shop. I couldn't endure the smell and kept going to her to whine, and whine and whine...finally she brought me out. I hang around the boys, hoping they'll drop me some food! haha. Saturday: Windsurfing time! This time round, YY joined us with a camera in hand. I seem to be the star as I always have to look into the camera. Am I a star? There was no wind, but we tried to windsurf, in the big waves. It was so fun. Sometimes I jumped off the board to swim arou and. Then I'll struggle to get back up again. Rachel will pull me up by my coat and I'll be happy sitting on the board again. We posed in all directions and had alot of fun. I saw 2 Chihuahuas on the beach with their owners and decided to check them out. I leaped off the board to disturb the tiny dogs. 2 of them are not bigger than my leg. haha. They were scared of me so I came back to the board. Windsurfing is so fun! I lazed in front of the shop to sun tan...after I was dry, I duped Ker Wan to walk me to the beach to pee...and while he wasn't looking, I dipped in the sea again. Sure, I got scolded. Another highlight of the day was when Peanut Butter Man came with peanut butter bread for me. I love these guys. Life's a beach!

23 March 2007

Rusty's Diary: Tues, 22 March '07 Windsurfing day!!

Rachel thought I'm staying away from the sea after y'day's puking session, huh, no way! U know what I did? Once we reached the club, I ran straight to the sea for a dip, defying her instructions not to go. See, I do not believe her 'stern' commands anymore because she doesn't mean it ahaha...if I really make her angry, the most she does is give me a soft spanking on my face or paws. I wonder why as it doesn't hurt! I have a very thick fur coat. Anyway, I went swimming by myself, just to prove a point...I'm a sea-dog, hehe. Rachel always lets me disobey her because she wants me to be a happy doggie as well, and swimming is not destructive to anyone/thing. Plus, I get a nice towelling from her :) As usual, Rachel made me stay outside the shop to suntan (dry myself) while she does some work. This is another activity I love to do, lounging in the sun with a bone in my mouth...there's always a bowl of water outside the shop, a tennis ball, a silly cat toy and some treats she keeps somewhere if I'm a good boy. Life at The Windsurfing Shop is a beach...*yawn* 'Go Surfing' made me JUMP!! She meant it, because she went to this changing room and I alway know we are going somewhere when she gets out of the room. I couldn't hold my excitement and whined a little...she went 'wait wait...' Then we went out and she took this boat-board called 'Windglider' and a tiny 2.5m sail. We are going windsurfing! Before we went out, she made me try on this horrible life-jacket which prevented me from being able to walk. She asked me to 'go', but I stumbled...she laughed and laughed, I felt so horrible and embarrassed! Dogs walk around 'naked', my dear, we don't need 'clothes'. Plus, did I remind you that I am a champion swimmer-doggie? haha. We launched...I wasn't sure what to do after I jumped onto the board, I jumped off again. I can tell it wasn't what Rachel wanted me to do. She 'growled' at me, *snigger* Maybe I was supposed to stay ON the board? Soon I was swimming after her...hey, wait for me...I put my front paws on the board and she pulled me up with the life-jacket. I sat like a good boy while she windsurfed, further and further from the beach...Hmmm....I never swam that far before, it looks scary, but FUN. Its like sightseeing and how many doggies get to go windsurfing like me? I began to feel really cool, and so blessed to have such fun activities everyday. Did I mention that her bikinis are red and rather nice, though I prefer yellow, as it matches my Golden coat bettter? I have done this before so I did not get sea-sick this time...I'm enjoying it, baby. Rachel got tired so she lay down beside me, later on, she used me as a pillow. It's fine with me as I'm a really strong boy, and at 34kg, if I don't want to go somewhere, I'm not moving! hehe. At times, she'll sit beside me and we'lll talk, she'll ask for 'kiss' and I'll lick her on the face. Did I mention that I love the smell and taste of sea-water on her? Always make me feel at home and excited. Suddenly, she pushed me off the board and I realised I had to swim...oh, I had a life-jacket, this is quite nice...I'm floating. She started paddling and I swam really hard chasing her...so close and yet so far. I swam for a long time, but one thing I'm sure, I'm not drinking the sea-water...I cough out the water as I know it'll give me a bad tummy. Finally, I give up...I think she's making me swim hard just for exercise, so I decided to go back to shore myself. I cruised to shore and she called me to go to her. I stood at the water's edge and yelped...She brought the board nearer and I jumped on it. Yay! I can sit on the board again... It was so nice I almost fell asleep. Finally, we went back to shore, Rachel had to wash the gear and dirty dog me. I was so tired balancing myself on the board, I slept the afternoon away. Dinner is always fantastic...they spent a long time in the kitchen, I just slept there waiting...when the rice-cooker clicked, Rachel put rice in my doggie bowl, cracked an egg, doggie Supplements on top, mixed them all up...boy, my meals are made in heaven. There's this yellow 'plasticky' pill in my bowl each time, I always wonder what is it but I eat it anyway. She always says to me these will make me a handsome and strong doggie. Ahem! After dinner, I laze around the TV area and whenever there's food, you can trust me to do my work. haha. Life's a beach...

22 March 2007

A day in the life of Rusty

I am a 4 yr-old Golden Retriever boy and recently, I had a new family. I also had a new name, Rusty. I used to be called Harvey but it's ok, I will come to you if you call me with either. I love my new home, it is big with a nice garden, lots of options for pee and poo-ing. There are some fish ponds where there are koi in them, I've to be careful not to fall in it as I don't want to smell fishy; it's very shallow but with my superb swimming skills, it's pup's play. Lots of places to walk to, and many doors but I am a very quick learner. I was allowed to go upstairs a few times to see the jacuzzi, gym and rooms, but not recently...I guess maybe I leave too much fur behind haha. I love the words 'Go Surfing' and I go crazy when I hear that. I must share with you what I did on Monday. It was Rachel's off day on Mondays...these 2 weeks she's been very busy with housework. She was mopping the floor, doing laundry, cleaning toilets and shooing me off the floor every now and then. I almost lost all hope of an outing when all of a sudden, at 4pm, she told me 'Go Running'. I took the leash in my teeth and waited for her to get changed. I was so excited. You must understand that I don't get to go surfing on Sundays. It's my saddest day in the week as I am Home Alone. I love Tuesdays to Saturdays as I get to go with her to the beach! Yippee! She's ready! Off we went...I was so excited I sprinted out of the house...Rachel told me to slow down as we have a LONG way to go...what does that mean? We trotted along...past traffic lights, roads and sniff!! roads I've never been to. I kept plugging away...dogs like me never quit, we always follow our owners till we die (not knowing it). We passed canals that never seemed to end...finally I met a pretty Golden girl, then a mixed Lab puppy and some dark-looking people who seemed afraid of me. I always wonder why because I long to love people and I never hurt anyone. We crossed bridges...sniff! I smell the sea...wow, I think we are going Surfing!! We reached the beach after 45mins of running. That was quite a distance for me. Rachel did not allow me to swim even tho' I tugged towards the sea. She brought me to this Cable Ski park where people were going round and round...I tugged towards the pond as I wanted to jump in to swim. She stood there watching and I am restless...finally we walked to the beach. On the way, she made me stop at this shower and I thought I had to take a shower now? I don't understand why she keeps pointing my mouth towards the water? I am only thinking of the sea. Can we go now? Yay! We reached the sea and she unleashed me. I ran into the sea like a crazy doggie. I was so thirsty I drank in tons of sea-water. Wow it never tasted so good. I swam and soaked, she walked and teased me to run after her...the beach is endless, i love it. I must have swam for 20mins and also drank that amount of sea water. Suddenly, my tummy ached! I stood on the beach in pain...Rachel was so worried, she started wiping the bubbles off my mouth and she took off my collar. I can breathe, my dear, it's my tummy that hurts...the water built up in my mouth and I puked big time!! Rachel fussed over me, she thought I was dying. haha...I was silly to drink up the sea. Puke I go again. Arrgghhh!! She asked me if I'm ok and to rest at a nearby bench. I lay down and nursed my tummy. Everything's churning inside. Rachel called Ker Wan and told him RUSTY cannot make it. Boohoo...I can I can, I can walk back, just watch me! I showed her I can walk...wait, I've to poo first. Call it diarrhoea...it went straight into the soil, nutrients, they call it. I was determined to walk home, what if she doesn't bring me out again? I can't imagine that. So I walked and walked...I ignored all the dogs along the way... After 50mins, I can smell our estate...yay! The gate opened and I heaved a sigh of relief! Oops, she took out the shampoo which means I can't rest yet. Rachel is very particular about clean doggies so each time I surf, I've to shower too. Did I tell you I love it when she towels me dry? I love to be hugged and rubbed!! I remember my tummy ache now...I also lapped up the entire doggie bowl of water. My tummy feels funny and I did not finish my dinner. It's a waste, especially with the egg. I'll wait till supper time, just don't throw it away ok? Goldens don't waste doggie food!

2 year Hiatus

It's been at least 2 years since I blogged! Perhaps I stopped reminiscing and being introspective about life. Or just taking a break? Lots happened...I was no longer dabbling in Sports Management anymore. Now I own a windsurfing pro shop together with my husband but of coz he keeps his job (to bring in the bacon). For the shop/biz, it's already almost 2 years...you can imagine the amount of change, work and foundation to put into this baby. I can't really blog about my business as it's not nice for my customers to hear this. That said, I must say that it's one of the best things to happen to me, and I really am enjoying every moment of it. I love windsurfing and kitesurfing, it's not a dream job, it's a dream! My business trips are sometimes races, attend windsurfing events, meet suppliers etc...always interesting and 100% my passion. Everything gets me really hyped up, I think about my biz 24/7 and there's no such thing as off day or 'after office hours'. I sincerely want to give my customers my very best, from customer service, advice and quality of equipment. I love racing...i've been windsurfing for 15 yrs and it's one of the best things in my life. Windsurfing gave me an adventurous life, wonderful friends, unforgettable experiences, a husband and a healthy body! Among all the different sports and trainings, windsurfing is still top on my list. Cycling is great, fast, finesse, techniques, tactics and i like the idea abou t good gear. Triathlons is great on pain factor, endurance, mental stamina and 'nice bod' too. Running and track stuff...enough....golf is nice social game...I don't know when I can end this...I am trying to say wind/kitesurfing are the best! I miss pain and hard training! , I'll be blogging as Rusty Harvey, my beloved best buddy Golden Retriever, whom I adopted in December '06. I endeavour to see life thru' his endearing life, as he has taught me much even in these 4 mths. Life is so much more meaningful with Rusty in my life and I can never imagine otherwise. Rusty is the most gentle, loving, endearing 4-yr old GR, all 34kgs of him! His favourite sport is windsurfing! Woof!

10 May 2005

Asian Tsunami Relief Operations Missions Trip 2-8 May 05 (New Creation Church) Venue: Phang Nga, Krabi, Khao Lak and Phuket (Thailand)

My Reflection I thought through how I was going to pen down my thoughts about this mission trip. Initially I thought it was going to be a breeze as there were so many wonderful things to say and to share with all my friends and family. Good things are easy to say, isn’t it? Not so. Then I found myself struck with inertia and speechlessness. Or perhaps I am still mired in awe of the miracles that took place and in adoration of the God I served. I am merely speechless. The Devastation: The devastation was evident in the eyes of the people. The sadness, grief and emptiness pierce deep into my heart and screams helplessly into my spirit. If I thought I had known what is pain and loss, check out these people who have lost their homes, their livelihoods, their loved ones (some, their whole families) and face a life ahead of emptiness, loneliness and purposelessness. The pictures of the dead, decomposed bodies, missing persons posters make one numb! That’s what it does to me…it sucks out the life of me, and leave me numb, lifeless and unbelieving. These bodies were black, bloated and beyond human form, most still had their clothes on, the beachgoers were still in their bikinis and trunks which became identification tools. Pictures of tattoos, watches, rings, and other accessories were quickly used to be identify the person. These people are devoid of human respect, reduced to no more than items to be identified, and short descriptions of ‘Foreigner, Thai, Male/Female or Child’. These were poignant scenes that will reside in my conscious mind forever, reminding me that eternal life is the most important thing in this earth, as our bodies will die and decompose one day, and be no more than items to be burnt. Relief centres were set up at venues where villages were destroyed. In place of homes were identical small containers neatly built in rows. One for each family. There will also be a Temporary Health Care Unit to tend to the sick and ill. Babies were mostly naked (only saw 1 baby clothed) with no milk powder to drink. The men were usually not around, loitering around looking for work to do or chatting together with the other men. The women took care of the children, hung up laundry and chat with neighbours at their door-steps. Life was reduced to living by the day, waiting and nothing to look forward to. After the tsunami, the weather became intensely hot, dry and dirty. Children and even adults were seen sitting helplessly, hosing themselves down for long periods of time. Human pride and stoical attitudes were prevalent in one or two villages. Perhaps it was due to the hardship they’ve been through, they were stoical in front of us, rejecting our help, receiving only our food donations. Their expressionless faces reveal their lives as it is, lifeless and meaningless, yet unwilling to embrace change and help. Grace and mercy to them. The land was bare. One has to look at a pre-tsunami picture to know how a place used to be. Before us were stretches of bare lands with coconut trees standing tall that survived the storms. Resorts, houses and buildings were simply swept away wholesale. God showed me that what is man-made will not survive the storms of life, but what is of God will stand tall and live! How a great revelation this is to us who put priority on material things and trust in man. Such things will fade away but the Word of God will live forever. The Restoration and Miracles: The New Creation Mission Team visited the following 10 villages: Sankoo, Klong Dao, Nai Rai, Khao Lak, Putheao, Nan Kim 1, Nan Kim 2, Nan Kim 3, Bangniang and Ka Kat. If I could write the lessons learnt and revelations of God’s grace and love into books, the world would not be big enough to contain. The team penetrated the dark side with no prior knowledge of what we should not do and what is impossible. We were armed with 2 weapons- Gospel and the Anointing. The Gospel reached the depths of the hearts of the broken-hearted, lost, lonely and grieving. The Anointing pulled them out of the broken state and restored to them an overwhelming sense of peace and love. The miracles were both spectacular and supernatural. When Wasana was slain in the spirit, man saw the spectacular presence and anointing of God. I was more touched and most awe-struck when the Love of God embraced Keaw so aggressively and yet so loving. Even my fellow Jouchae who laid her hands on Keaw behind her, was touched by the anointing love and was sobbing. I realized that indeed, at the end of the day, what truly matters and that which touches the deepest depth is the Love of God. The Love is the eternal and the permanent anointing that heals a person from the inside-out, not outside-in. This loving feeling will remain clear in my mind, especially in times when I feel lonely and empty. When we asked Amber, the American missionary stationed in Chiangmai, why she is in missions for so many years. She said that when she sees lives changed and hearts healed, she knows it’s all worth it. Well said, what price can we put to healing for the sick/injured, love to the lonely, joy to the grieving, a smile to the sad, a sense of purpose and destiny to the lost and prosperity to the poor? At what price? The life of Jesus Christ! God paid the ultimate price with His Son so that we can be heirs with Him and receive all the blessings. How great and how awesome is His love. Fellow missionaries: Fellow missionaries just like you and me, salaried workers who live in decent urban comfort but who complain about stress and everything-not-enough. The mission trip made angels out of the worst ‘devils’ in us. Praise God that He is Lord and is Boss. ‘Room-mate’, as Samantha is called, is a funny girl who doesn’t know she is funny. Real, sincere and unaware of who she is, stumble along life with joy and simple pleasures. From Day 1, I felt led to tell her that she must receive the gift of tongues and learn to speak the heavenly language. This will help her to move in the spirit and all those things. For nights, I also took it upon myself to urge and encourage her to rise up beyond where she is, to fly with the eagles and not walk with the turkeys. That she must realize the potential God has placed in her, and to discover the destiny and calling God has placed in her. We talked till 2-3am on most nights. When I am not around, she takes care of my Snoopy and talks to him as I had instructed. Snoopy is my soft toy who comes along as my surrogate husband for hugging purposes when I sleep. Room-mate would turn on the TV for Snoopy to watch while we go out on missions. She does a great job of practising the Thai massage on Snoopy without accepting a baht. Thanks Room-mate, future Daughter-in-law, as she says she is now Snoopy’s girlfriend. *faint* That’s Room-mate for you. Last night, we had sms-Beach-talk. She sms-ed to ask if Snoopy misses her. Yeah, he did. A pretty version of ‘Golliwog’ is Jacquelyn, with ‘lyn’, not ‘line’, as she specifically tells me. Ok, noted, Jac. Golliwog has strange curly hair at the ends, and jet black hair which God must have accidentally poured black ink on her hair when He was creating her. I shall ask God when we all go to Heaven one day. Golliwog is my age and half my size. She likes bright green panties, oops! Golliwog is really nice, and quite a confidante I am sure. We could share many chapters of our lives, and thoroughly understanding how we feel, without pretending to (which some people do). You know what I’m talking about?! She’s gonna be one gal I’m hanging out with. June, not May or July…is the spunky lady who went scuba diving in Phuket 2 weeks before our mission trip. She asked me head and tail about skydiving in New Zealand, windsurfing, kitesurfing and other exciting stuff. My deepest conversation with June was when we were indulging in the 2 hours Thai Massage. I told her I would call her out for golf one fine day. It was funny that her golf club is near my home (east) and mine near her home (west). Deacon Raj, better known as the interesting guy who has hair in his ears. He is so cool and secure in the Lord that stares from people don’t bother him one feather. He is anointed, real sweet and who else had waited up for me and Room-mate (and also James but Deacon didn’t really care about the guys haha) till 1:30am in the morning as we hung out late at night without telling anyone? I’m touched! Many wonderful new friends I made but I just don’t have the time to do a description of. Forgive me. I am Changed! I am just so changed, inside-out and outside-in! My perspective of life, God, family and everything is now saturated with a purposeful touch! No, I’m not talking about objectifying the poor and making myself feel fortunate and blessed, at their expense. No. I am now so sure of myself, my calling and my destiny. I am so sure of my place in this world, and what I can do to make the world a better place, knowing that God will back me up and indeed, God WILL SHOW UP! I was surprised my husband could still recognize me as I am indeed changed! Ok, cut that out, corny. I endeavour to live each day with the intimate consciousness of His love and grace upon my life. All of Jesus, None of me. Testimonies: Below are testimonies of the ladies I had the privilege of praying for and laying hands on. All glory to Jesus that they experienced healing almost instantly and more importantly, knew that Jesus loved them and received Christ into their hearts. Testimony 1: Maliya, 30 years old, has the condition of suddenly slipping into a coma and unconsciousness, and in the process, hurt herself quite badly. She showed wounds of her injuries which included stitches from the falls. Her eyes also cannot see properly. She has been having this condition since she was 14 years old. After prayer, she testified that she felt light and her burdens removed. She felt a transfer of faith that she is no longer worried and is confident that this condition will not come back again. Testimony 2: After the first prayer, Yupen, 48 years old, felt that the pain in her leg had eased a great deal. Upon a translation of her testimony, we prayed a second time for complete healing and she testified that she felt heat went through her leg and the pain was completely gone. Testimony 3: A few days before the tsunami, Wasana, 34 years old, experienced seizures and had many problems which she never had before. It was suspected that she may be spirit-possessed. She also does not know how to handle such attacks whenever she has them. She had received Christ when she was 7 years old but did not further her christian journey and growth as her husband (who left her for another woman, did not allow her to go to church). After the first prayer, she said she felt her hands shivering, suddenly cold and felt the presence of God. She was tearing and wanted more prayer. A second prayer was administered and specifically, casting out demons or spirits in her. She was slain in the spirit for about 5 minutes. When she came to, she said she felt weak and still shivering, but a big burden lifted off. She later invited us to her home to pray over her mother and son, as well as over her home. We advised her to rid the idols in her home and anointing oil was used on the doorposts and windows in her house. Testimony 4: During the tsunami, On (44 yrs old) was pushed into a phone booth and she injured her back. After prayer, she testified that the pain is all gone and she is healed. Testimony 5: Arirat (39 yrs old) had headache for a couple of years which comes suddenly. This could be due to worry. Peace, clarity of mind and freedom from worry was prayed on her and after the prayer, she testified that she had the faith that the headache will not come back again. She was joyful upon feeling the peace and had faith that she is healed. Testimony 6: Noosent (39 yrs old) experienced headache, possibly migraine, which was very painful and all over the head. After the prayer, she said the headache was completely gone. Testimony 7: During the prayer, a strong anointing of the love of God was prayed on Keaw (28 yrs old) and a tangible love anointing broke her into sobbing for almost 10 minutes. She did not respond physically to a hug but cried uncontrollably and remained hugged, and releasing all the grief she felt inside. Later, she testified that she lost her elder sister in the tsunami and she revealed that she really missed her. She now feels peaceful in her heart and feels the love of God. This lady showed the suicide wounds on her wrist. This lady was greatly ministered to by the love of God and that healed her broken heart. Testimony 8: Jamya (50 yrs old) had pain in her legs (operation wounds) from a motorbike accident 4 years ago and her body was also aching. After the prayer, she felt much better. Testimony 9: Bem (52 yrs old) has asthma and breathing difficulties which gets worse due to cough. Her lungs would be in discomfort and her symptoms appeared to be Pneumonia. After prayer, she testified that she felt much better and just as the team was leaving the village, she testified that she has easy and clear breathing. She started to smile and looked visibly joyous and relaxed. Testimony 10: This elderly lady, Lun, 65 yrs old was sitting in a corner with a walking stick by her side and a friend beside her. She was invited from the next Muslim village which was presumably not receptive to the gospel and non-Thai speaking. We had not known these facts. We felt led to ask her if we could pray for her. We prayed for the joy and peace of the Lord to come on her. She had tears in her eyes and she testified that even the pain in her knees were healed. She felt much better during the prayer and her friend testified that she is visibly changed after the prayer in all these years. She had also, in the past, rejected 2 local pastors' prayers. She had, however, allowed us to pray for her, revealing that indeed, the favour of God was on the NCC mission team. Testimony 11: Before prayer, the elderly lady's eyes were hurting, she was feeling nausea and dizzy all the time. Her knees also hurt. She had these conditions for many years and after prayer, all the pain and discomfort were gone. Praise God and all Glory to Jesus!

08 November 2004

Enterprise 50

Enterprise 50 I attended the E50 Gala Dinner last Friday at Swissotel and it was nicccce. Nice in many ways, more intrinsic than extrinsic. Not Extrinsic because the ang moh food is certainly insufficient for Singaporeans' tummies. Father-in-law said we have to follow-up with supper because he's still hungry. Intrinsic because being a 'clapper' at the event inspired me to work harder and persevere towards being an awardee some day. Brother-in-law (BIL) went up stage as husband just returned from overseas couple of days ago and just felt like being a spectator. Husband took photos. BIL said that the top companies had billions $ turnover. Wow! That's something all of us would like to work towards, don't we? haha. Already, I am so proud of my husband and the company for being in top 20 almost every year. It is a milestone, a big achievement and certainly, there's more to be achieved. There is also something about a fellow lady businessperson being an inspiration to the rest of the female entrepreneurs. Haach's Ponz Goo was one of the few ladies on stage. Her red dress and her porcelain skin stood her out from the group of similar-looking black-tuxedoed men. Her company was not ranked too highly but indeed, it's successful. That's why I chose to do my facials at Haach too...I liked and identified with their company vision. I told my husband that in 2 years, I hope to be among the winners for the Startup prizes! So far, it's doing ok...it's able to finance my new vehicle which is arriving end of this month. His name is Surfsnoop. I already have my Snoopy car accessories - seat-belts, gear stick, handbrake and neck-pillows. Jetting off to Tokyo for a 5-days hols this Thursday. This hols will be our annual 'honeymoon', making use of the 2 public hols, it's a steal. Husband has planned Disneyland, Disney Sea, lots of shopping and meeting Jap windsurfer friends for dinner and sight-seeing. Not too enthu about the earthquakes though. :) Then going off to Pattaya for a windsurfing race on1 Dec for a week. At this point in time, it is not certain that there may be a Ladies category at 05 SEA Games. If none, life goes on and the prize may well be an Entrepreneurial one, rather than Sports. Between the 2, I very much prefer the Business prize. There's too many exciting things to look forward to, such as collecting my new saddle tonight! No, I've not given up cycling, but I've not been riding since LCK race. Perhaps thrice in total since Aug, each about 100km, for fun. I've no team, only friends who are always there whenever I want to ride. Isn't this more precious?

19 June 2004

The Conveyor Belt

Life is like a conveyor belt of Japanese food, moving the many dishes along. Each plate is a different colour, of different value, each covered with a transparent plastic, alluring one to uncover it, to taste it and to consume it. Each day, different events, people and situations pass our way…much like the dishes do…they move along like little floats at Chingay, enticing and alluring us to temptation. Try me, try me, as though it is calling out to us. Sometimes the dish we uncover is great, it makes us smile and is delicious. Another dish may look nice but taste horrid. We learnt through our experiences to uncover those that we know very well, part to protect and for pleasure. Along the way are the spices of life, the wasabe. These things titillate our senses and occasionally an overdose sets the nostrils tingling! We like it that way, don’t we? It may mean getting burnt, hurt or exposed, but we do it knowing full well the consequences. Call it courage or stupidity, there is little difference between the two. I prefer to call it impulse-the excuse word for forgetfulness to consult the mind and rationale. It is strange that we continually choose this path despite being hurt time and again. Perhaps one just wants to follow the heart? There is no need to explain why, is there? Today I was forced to uncover a dish I did not expect myself to, and it was not what I expected in it. I was also not ready to pay the price stated. But I had to. The dishes came all at once and my confused mind tried to grapple with all the favors-it was bitter, bitter and more bitter. I found myself choking inside, I don’t really know what to do, what to say and how to feel? I just felt like my heart got cut. It was a strange feeling. Does this mean so much to me? Most importantly, the reason is not what everyone thinks is. But I cannot begin to explain it, it will appear like a loser's excuse. I'd rather not. My life does not depend on it, I tried convincing myself. I guess it hurts as much to behold an item of great beauty and to see it go, knowing that I cannot own it. It is better to let it go now, than never. Now I wonder if I would allow myself the courage to be discovered again? It will bring upon vulnerability, hurt and betrayal. Again, the tender heart is bruised. I wonder how and when it could be healed and fit to go back onto the saddle again. Maybe not ever again…

17 June 2004

End of the Ride

It has been 7 months exactly since I’ve started road cycling on 16 Dec ‘03. To say the least, it has been an eye-opener to my small world of road training and racing, and delving into the deepest emotions and minds of cyclists. Though it may be too short to call it a ‘career’, the extreme myriad of emotions, the intense way I pushed myself at trainings, picked myself up after I failed and talked myself out of depression after bad rides…all worth a good long chapter in my biography. The friends I made during this period were as diverse as the east is from the west, great as well as nasty. Everything in these 7 months is intense, extreme and deep. Emotions wreak havoc when I think about the kind of investment I made and I mean, in emotional terms. It is unbelievable, even to myself…sometimes I feel guilty, at times indifferent, other times convinced I allowed myself over-vulnerable. I felt sorry for myself. All that I did was sincere, impulsive, real and emotional. To say I lived with a carpe diem attitude alone is shallow as it carried more than just a ‘seize the day’ without an emotional investment. I allowed myself to be discovered, to be revealed and made vulnerable. Against all hope of cynicism and skepticism, I maintained a genuine heart of care and sincerity. This could not, however, resist the forces of hurt perceptions and seared hearts. I became a victim instead. It brought on much tears. Cycling was a unique journey that revealed a part of myself which I never saw. I never anticipated the scenery that I would see during this ride, the bumps along the way and the many crashes I experienced emotionally. It was never, never this deep. I had not quite experienced such an emotional depth as this in quite a long time. Call it chance, destiny, chemistry, connection or pure coincidence, the fireworks came and now it’s over. Perhaps it happened too fast, too deep and too intense for comfort. The untrained heart is unable to handle. The seared heart did not even notice a difference or the wound it caused. It had done this many times, and this adds to the record, that’s all. Today, I am thinking of ending this journey on wheels. I will stop riding. The journey must end here before it puts any more strain on the concerned persons. It should not have ended this way, it should not have, and need not have. I cannot think of a reason to carry on, and the very reasons I had started may be wrong reasons. But they were reasons strong enough to get me up at 4:25am training 4 times a week and giving my all for the races. These reasons yielded decent results. These very reasons are why I should stop riding. It is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the way the wheel is.

07 April 2004


Have I been sacrilegious in calling my rides ‘sacred’? Sometimes I feel a tinge of guilt for doing that, because sometimes, the rides really aren’t quite sacred. And I mean it in every sense of the word ‘un-sacred’. You see, sometimes I am not all focused on the task at hand, i.e. riding. At other times, I am distracted by worldly desires and pressing issues. Yet at other times, I am purely selfish – this can include, riding to lose weight, riding to de-stress or riding to have something to do because my husband is yet again out of town. The blasphemy lies in the very twist of believing my rides are sacred when they aren’t (well, not always). The dynamics of human interaction, group behaviour and social communication just adds to that complexity. I observe the way the cyclists ride their bikes, it’s probably the same way they lead their lives. Being a hopeless romantic myself, I cannot help but enjoy the romance of dawn, totally at peace with my emotions. At other times, in total emotional disaster and disarray, and that’s probably when I am distracted, too quiet and ignoring the present company. Perhaps at times, I feel like I’ve lost the affection and attention I thought I used to have. Perhaps it is the tension of uncertainty, the very same tension that can bring about excitement and a certain high. Let’s just say that women are probably confused creatures, contradict ourselves, give mixed signals and sensitive at the wrong times. I’ve just proved it, didn’t I? SACA Road Race 2, Changi Business Park 4 April 2004 It seemed like ages since the first road race…it must had to do with my very erratic life since that day. I was a workaholic the moment March began, working overtime and overworked for a sports conference my department was organizing. It ended on 13 March, during which I fell ill, boss told me no way he can afford me taking sick leave…so I pressed on. 14 March was my birthday, yet another milestone, to mark incremental aging and depletion of youth. By then, I had not gone for my rides for 2 weeks because of work and the nagging illness/fatigue. I embarked on a painful comeback on Tuesday, 16 March. It wasn’t painful, I felt like dying. My legs were heavier than lead, my lungs were deflated and my will was weak. I gave up on myself, tears already forming in my eyes, threatening to roll down my cheeks. I told my teammate I needed to pick up my fitness b4 riding with the team again. The next day, I heard 2 new ‘babes’ joined the team for training. I skipped the ‘babe-watch’ and went for my own secret ride, fighting my ghost of failure alone. Then on Friday, 19 March, I came back riding with the team again, hoping I was in acceptable shape. Coach was riding with me the 2 laps of Changi, which I was totally grateful for. He wasn’t just there for me when I’m fit, he cared to ride and pull me when I’m down and slow. He also shared about how “Dynamics relates to how a rider constantly maximizes the bike and body efficiencies to match and produce maximum power or control over the constantly changing terrain encountered in cycling.” Whatever that meant, I figured it out for myself. It helped that I was in the analytical mode for speed-testing for my new windsurfing gear. Each session, I tuned my sail differently, analysed the effects of that day’s conditions on my sail, board and fin. I also changed new fins, shifted the mast track position, and tried as many permutations of gear combination with as many wind/wave conditions. My new sail is a model of North Sails called R Type, not to be confused with Honda Type R. R Type is an awesome sail, it’s like I had jumped from a 1.6litre car to a 3litre car without being fitted with an equivalent engine. I did not have the weight to hold down the power, especially when the wind picks up. I had to tweak with the tuning and change different fins to manage the differences. You see, fins are like wheels. It’s the only contact with the water and it’s very very important. Since I started riding, I kept a diary, only include the mileage for each ride after the SACA Road Race 1 coz it was then that I learnt how to use the speedo to clock each ride’s distance. By the time I applied my understanding of speed dynamics from windsurfing to cycling, and making adjustments to the way I ride. On my 29th ride on 29 March, (how significant), I felt the improvement. I endeavoured to maintain and stabilize that new-found riding style. I wasn’t confident that I managed a breakthrough in my riding, hence not able to decide if I was going to race on 4 April. Then I thought I should just race to be there to support my team and be a good sport. Told coach I was racing the day (3 April) before race day. I turned up on race day and there goes…looking forward to more riding…Waves and wheels are great!

09 February 2004

Life is...

Life is… "An athlete has to somehow figure out how to enrich the people around him, and not just himself. Otherwise, he's purposeless." - Lance Armstrong (Every Second Counts, page 211) Awfully true…it doesn’t sound so true until the fragility of life hits you in the face. Fresh from a series of races in both Formula and Shortboard, I was still high from the adrenaline treats racing and competing when a friend called to bring me sombre news. A friend had committed suicide and we are invited to the funeral wake. * crash * She is 23 and approaching the prime of her youth. I asked ‘why?’ and it seems, no one knows. Vera had always put on a cheerful disposition, despite me not being a close friend to her, I knew her from church youth ministry. I could not believe and I do not want to believe. It is too surreal. Everything I was doing at that time seems trivial, the windsurfing races, the career, the business, the gossip talks…what had appeared important immediately loses its primary value when juxtaposed with something of immeasurable value, Life. I would do anything to help a friend embrace hope again, I would give everything to have a friend to feel love again, and I would do anything to have a friend Live again… I wonder what is the best way to live life? How should we live life such that it is truly meaningful? Each person’s definition of ‘meaning’ and ‘life’ differs so greatly that one may murder to feel powerful and the other indulges in full-time missionary work to help the less fortunate. I do not have an answer but I figure that as long as someone is in need of love, I would give. If someone needs a lunch, I will buy. If someone needs a hug, I would embrace. If someone need a listening ear, I will be there. I guess that’s all I can do…